Project Tracking and Cost Management was never so easy !

TRACKER doesn't replace MS-Project or collaboration software. It integrates in you daily work-flow and makes your Excel-Sheets for budget calculation redundant - and it offers much more:

  • Precise and up to date forecast for Budget & Contingency by using advanced estimation techniques.
  • Easy on-line effort tracking!
  • "Work Hours Distribution" to make sure your team starts to work on time with the planned workload!
  • Painless reporting!

TRACKER is right for you:

  • It combines PERT Estimations and Earned Value Management, as no other tool on the market. Now this great methodology is painless to use.

  • It is free and Open Source.

  • It follows the Standards of the Project Management Institute

  • It integrates: You can try it out without changes in your existing project organization

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